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Project Management

Gallelli Real Estate offers a full range of development management services to select clients.   Recognizing that the planning, approval and building of commercial properties is complex and often cumbersome, GRE lends its experience in the development of commercial shopping centers and related properties to clients needing assistance through the process.

Proper due diligence is a crucial first step in the development process. Gallelli Real Estate services include research of zoning and required entitlements, analysis of key stakeholders and community leaders, preparation of a conceptual site plan and budget, review of title and constraints to development, and review of geotechnical and environmental conditions. Of equal importance in the due diligence phase is the preparation of an upfront strategy detailing the steps required to obtain local approvals. Gallelli Real Estate has the expertise to accurately analyze the void that a potential project may fill and the benefits that a potential project may bring to a community. This upfront analysis results in the creation of a project that the client, community and local decision makers can support.  

Gallelli Real Estate will gather the consultants that best fit the project and manage all work product required for the development of the project. Consultants include the civil engineer, architect, surveyor, landscape architect, contractor and sign designers. Maintaining communication with each consultant throughout the project and tracking performance is a key piece of successful project management.

Gallelli Real Estate has extensive experience working with local jurisdictions at various levels. Effective work with City and County planning and engineering staff, Planning Commissioners, City Councilmembers, and Board of Supervisors is a crucial part of the development process. Gallelli Real Estate will handle all day-to-day communication with City/County staff members and will prepare for and attend all public hearings. Additionally, Gallelli Real Estate will engage the appropriate outreach to neighborhood and community groups and utilize social media as needed to effectively maintain positive, consistent and accurate messaging regarding the project.

Gallelli Real Estate will work with contractors to provide value-engineering throughout the development process and assist in the bidding, permitting and construction.